CEO Message

“Creating quality jewelry and delivering products on time” is a promise that I have always held to be sincere to customers and always choose good quality at factory price for our trading partners as well. Throughout the journey in the jewelry business, this is an important step that has changed my life to learn various techniques, and production processes from upstream, midstream and downstream, as well as technology recruitment.  Our innovations help produce more quality work and be at the forefront of the full range of production within NK Silver Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer of 925 sterling silver jewelry with quality in pure silver, gold-plating and various forms according to customer needs. 

However, I would like to thank the team for working together to develop the business with entirely elevate craftsmanship and overcoming economic obstacles.  Even the COVID-19 pandemic which is a global problem that has occurred throughout the past period has gone well. In addition, we would like to thank all our valuable trade partners both domestically and internationally as well.  At present, I am proud of all my team members, the executive team, the Board of Directors and product feedback to reach customer’s satisfaction. They are regarded as an encouragement and a driving force for the company to keep moving forward.  Eventually, I am very pleased to welcome all existing and new customers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, procurement representatives and others to get involved in the silver jewelry business and growth together.

Nikhom Yodrak

Founder & CEO, N.K Silver Co., Ltd.

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